It will be a week in El Campo es Nuestro | Press room

Anyone looking for strong emotions should ride Dionysus’ brocolito like a grasshopper at fairs. Or join Judit’s cooperative transhumance with Raquel as a guest. Julia and her father’s urgent undertaking is not far behind: problems with loading a second truck are piling up… and with them, family disagreements.

Tuesday, July 25- It is worth that the holidays are for others, but … it is clear that even cows can be lazy to move and even eat! Animals and people are happy both at Ricardo’s sheep farms and at Angel’s stables in the province of Huesca.

Wednesday, July 26- Eva de Barbastro listens to the viewer’s doubts, while Bea perfectly defends herself among the cows, which today seem between heavy and gentle. For sweets, yes, sope beets. Together with the pastures of Togno and Judit, contact with nature will increase significantly until it reaches Escarrilla with Giulia and her cows.

Thursday, July 27- Bea treats a cow for scabies, and two young shepherds share secrets that everyone can use at a picnic. The perfect occasion to celebrate with Mir wine, which is currently enjoying giving the finishing touch to its bottle. How about paired with broccoli? made in Mainar?

Friday, July 28- Rural men and women don’t stop even in this heat. In fact, Carlos and Irene also go to the pool to exercise with their food truck. Judit will show that it is not easy to find a person who can endure these endless hours, and Toño will shelter himself from criticism for working so hard on his special “watchtower” as a good shepherd. Bea presents a calf with visual problems.

“Our Field” from Monday to Friday, at 15:10, on Aragón TV.

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