Itinerary through the most special fashion shops in Madrid.

To compete with the speed of online shopping, physical stores strive to offer added value. Whether it’s an exquisitely designed space, designer clothes to be seen live, or exciting events like a fashion colloquium or exhibition. if you are looking for a journey full of inspiration and mouth-watering captionsare shops in madrid They are a must stop.

10 shops in Madrid where you can dress impeccably

The interior of the Veja store in Madrid.Wedja kindly.

Thanks to its distinctive design and innovative eco-production model, slippers vezha They have become a real challenge. With a list of ambassadors starting from Meghan Markle – Katie Holmes or Emma Watson, this brand does not even need investments in advertising. After opening in Paris, New York and Berlin, Veja opens Own shop in Madrid. There you can find all of his new and iconic designs. But this shop offers much more than sneakers: a space has been created for organizing events and presenting various projects of inspiring people. Except, there is a shoe rack repair and clean both sneakers and shoes, regardless of brand; an initiative to extend the life of shoes in line with Veja’s sustainability philosophy. A space located in Madrid’s Justizia district and designed by architects Studying postures It is characterized by its minimalist and modern aesthetic. Furniture bought from antique dealers in the area contrasts with the concrete and brick walls, and neon artwork by a Brazilian artist is added. Kleber Matheus.

Calle del Barquillo, 44


Wow concept interior.Courtesy of Wow Concept

In the heart of Madrid, on the bustling Gran Via, this concept store with an area of ​​more than 5,500 m2 It was one of the most famous discoveries. His purpose? revolutionize shopping Through the union between the physical and the digital, he is a pioneer in the conceptual concept. figital. His name, wow, promotes his great asset: wow factor thanks to a unique staging, the most Instagrammable and brands that cannot be found in any other business in Madrid. Thus, he has the exclusive right to sell in Spain the coveted line of Olivia Palermo cosmetics or the collection of Danish firm Rotate, adored by women. fashionistas. It also focuses on decor lines and cutting-edge technology. And interesting activities like presentations, live performances or workshops.

Calle Gran Via, 18

Cherubina boutique interior on Hermosilla street.Courtesy Cherubina

In 2023, Cherubina opened its second store of over 350 m2 in the capital. In it, the bridal collection plays a leading role through great space as an atelier. Collections party and guest are located in the main hall, where it is typical hats from a Seville firm, one of the favorites of Queen Letizia. In turn, on this site there is a corner, which, having been christened ephemeral, welcomes invited brands to discover and share new designs. The goal is to “dress our customers from head to toe, always giving them advice”, emphasizes Ana Garcia, designer Cherubina. This new flagship with an elegant and striking appearance has BAO Projectsarchitects and interior designers.

Hermosilla street, 8

The interior of the Misia store in Madrid.@mission

Naive New York brand dresses Beadorable pleated tops AzureMary Jane from Karelian (Alexa Chung favorites) or handmade bags Ines Bressand are just some of “treasures” offered by Misiamulti-brand store created Candida Ledo. Its name is a tribute to the artist Misia Sert. “We’re looking for brands with identities, not ephemera,” says Ledo, who selects every firm that sells products with exquisite criteria, which is key to turning his store into a point of sale. link for fashion experts.

Calle de Amaniel, 19


Labienhecha bags in their store in Madrid.@soylabienhecha

make a product ecological, local and qualityFor this, Labienhecha was created, whose colorful minimalist bags are recognizable at first sight. His collections are made in a small workshop Malaga, handmade and from recycled materials. His The team is all female. Last April, they made the jump to the capital by opening their own store. If you are looking for a special bag, this is it.

Calle Hernan Cortes, 16


Xin Jing, founder of Friperie Vintage.@friperevivintage

Julia Martinez, head stylists at TELVA, admitted to us that these Levy that fit you like a glove found them in Vintage Freeperysecond hand, where they are also regulars Blanca Miro or Lucia Cuesta. Jeans brought from different parts of the world are the highlight of this store, which is already a benchmark for vintage fashion in madrid. xinjing, its founder, is responsible for the careful selection of each piece of clothing. She has also become an expert in customization to offer a unique and customized product. Dive into its shelves (very) worth it, there is real jewels: from the Burberry blazer to the legendary 501 jeans.

Calle de Rodriguez San Pedro, 2


Maria de la Order with the founders of

Sassa de Osma and Maria de la Orden are among Pietra’s regular clients. A beautiful store created Victoria Gomez-Asebo and Beatriz de Pablo. Collection brands full of charm which will please those who are looking for a wardrobe that makes them stand out. What will you find? The unique clothes of the Galician brand Andion Clothing (their blouses are the best), the new IQ Collection or Bian’s prints, among other marvels.

Independence Square, 9


Flagship PDPaolaContributed by PD Paola

In the exclusive area of ​​Salamanca is located Flagship PD Paola. Two floors showcasing all of the brand’s collections, including the High Jewelery line, made in Spain with responsible materials such as recycled gold or non-mined diamonds. The interior of the store matches the brand’s narrative: slight sophistication. It has no shortage of details: it even has manicure rodto leave with the perfect manicure.

street Claudio Coelho, 44


Dresses by Leyre Doueil at ES Fasciante.@esfasiante

Dedicated to slow fashion or slow fashion Es Fasciante, founded by Valentina Suarez-Zuloaga and Margherita Ruira de Andrade, has an exquisite selection of Spanish firms which confirm the quality of “what belongs to us”. Aspiring and established designers will create that charming look that sets you apart. Some of our felicitas: guest dresses Leir Duejewelry snow sieve or sandals from flordeasoc.

Calle del Conde de Aranda, 22, bottom right.


New Zubi store in Madrid.Contributed by Zubi

“We are obsessed with finding models that look good on all sorts of people,” the sisters told us. Mercedes and Elena Zubizarreta, founders of Zubi. Conceived as a cozy dressing room in the French style, a second store in Madrid. Nice way to celebrate his 11 years of life. He DNA travel from the Spanish firm – it all started with its emblematic Cuban-style fabric bag – very present in the space, as well as its main design elements: functionality and elegance.

Alley Jorge Juan, 14


Interior of a Paris/64 store in Madrid.Contributed by Paris/64

with motto Spanish craftsmanship under the flag of Paris / 64 landed in November last year in Madrid. After their unstoppable success on the Internet, there were many customers who asked them to open a physical store in the capital, and they fulfilled their wishes. Wood and steel elements combined with leather details and open space with warm light characterize the interior design of the boutique, the work of the studio. Garbizu necklace. good quality basics with some original element make up its seal. And their bags are a good show affordable luxury. All clothes and accessories are made in Spain, although they have a certain Parisian flavor.

street Claudio Coelho, 14


Interior CLO Madrid.@clomadrid_

Covadonga Rodriguez, founder and creative director of CLO Madrid, created a small universe that gives artisans a voice. “I believe in craftsmanship as the ultimate in luxury.. Since the birth of CLO, I have wanted to create clothes with a contemporary style, which are acquired not just by the fact of consumption, but by conscious purchase, knowing that they are unique, made by an artisan one by one,” he emphasizes. In the heart of the Salamanca district, its physical store, an ode to beauty and good workworth to visit.

Via Claudio Coelho, 88

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