“It’s a hard movie to watch”

After years of work, Ana de Armas has managed to make a hole in hollywood until reaching the top being nominated as Best actress in the 95th edition of the next Oscars. A recognition that he has received thanks to giving life to the emblematic star marilyn monroe in the Netflix movie’Blonde‘.

Although Ana’s masterful performance has been highly praised, being nominated for all the great prizes of the film industrythe film has received many critics. It has even come to be nominated at the 2023 Razzie Awards being listed as one of the worst movies of the cinema.

And it is that today’s artists live in an era where networks can become very harmful. own Ana de Armas assured a few weeks ago that she would love not to have Instagram after the harsh criticism he had to face with the premiere of ‘Blonde’ on the platform.

Now, in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporterthe actress has brought up the subject again, being completely honest: “When we premiered the film at the Venice or San Sebastián festival, the reaction it was much warmer than the one we had in USA“He began remembering.

“Is difficult listen to those comments, but you can always go back to what you experienced by recording it, why you did it and the reasons why you drew attention the project”, confesses the actress.

“It is very difficult to see that people did not like your moviebut it is what it is”, he admits. “It was not a film that was made to like people. It is a movie hard to see“, has continued to explain.

“Nor do I think that the film speaks ill of her, much less as has been said,” he says. “On the contrary, I think talk bad about the industry and that’s something hard to digest for other people who are inside the business“says the star.

Ana also wanted to make it clear that she thinks that “the film also makes the audience feel involved“. “We contributed at the time, and still contribute, to the exploitation from actors and actresses, to people in the public sphere,” he confesses. “We, as public, we do this. And I think it’s possible that some people have felt singled out“, the interpreter finally reveals.

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