It’s bad to sit on the bus seat

transmilenio It is the most used public transport service in Bogota, with over two million people using it daily to get to work, home or school.

And the fact is that over the years, some myths have arisen around this. transmileniofrom urban legends to some myths that sitting in a hot chair can lead to acne.

Because of some of these beliefs, one often sees people sitting downWait a few seconds for the chair to cool down to prevent transmission of the disease.

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One of the worst diseases is haemorrhoids, what does it consist of “The veins around the anus tend to stretch out due to pressure and may bulge or swell.” According to the Mayo Clinic website.

There is an urban belief that sit on hot or cold surfaces gives hemorrhoids, acne or other diseases that may affect health.

However, the said portal explains that this disease is caused by increased pressure in the lower part of the reactor, which can be created byAnswer: Obesity, prolonged sitting in the toilet, anal sex, stress during bowel movements and other factors.

Similarly, Dr. Arturo Polanco stated on 1doc3 that “while there are many stories and myths about disease transmission or hemorrhoids from sitting in hot chairs, this is completely false and has no bearing in clinical practice.”

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In a 2009 study picked up by the BBC, two groups were analyzed, one suffering from painful hemorrhoids and the other not. Various analyzes were carried out and it was concluded that sitting on hot or cold surfaces does not affect whether they can dine“which occur when there is too much pressure on the veins around the anus,” according to MedilenePlus.

According to this, this myth has been debunked and it is not necessary to wait a few minutes for the TransMilenio chair to cool down in order to avoid illness.

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