‘I’ve always found it very emotional’: Cillian Murphy reveals which Christopher Nolan movie he’d like to star in

Universal more than satisfied success from Oppenheimer then next Barbieconfidently mastered ticket office movie this summer. The film about the atomic bomb, a one-piece biopic full of highlights, was hailed by the public and critics as one of the best examples of directorial talent. Christopher Nolan. His great hero Cillian Murphywho made great sacrifices to give life to the physicist named in the film claims that although he is grateful for his role in the play, there is one more tape in the director’s filmography. Batman Begins in which he would like to play the lead role.

Cillian Murphy is clear about which Christopher Nolan movie he would like to star in: and yes, it is interstellar.

Oppenheimer considered by many to be one of the greatest films of this century is not to be taken lightly, and although Murphy leads the film as J. Robert Oppenheimer, accompanied by an excellent Emily Bluntthe actor recently reviewed his previous projects with Nolan, explaining What do you think were your great roles? or the director’s best tapes. And Murphy, who starred in films such as Dunkirk, Source or trilogy The Dark Knightexplains that there is one he would like to take part in.

I saw her in the movies. This had a big impact on me. broke my heart

In a new interview with Independent (goes Comic), Murphy Confessed Which Nolan Movie He Would Like To Do, And It Turned Out interstellar. Murphy went on to talk about his love for the film about space and the fate of mankind, noting that he felt “the right people” had been found for the film and that the cast was perfect. “I like interstellarbecause I find it very emotional”Murphy is revealed in the aforementioned environment. “I remember seeing it in movies when I had little kids. This had a huge impact on me. broke my heart. I love watching his films when I’m not doing them because you don’t have to go crazy because you see yourself on screen and can’t stop thinking about the size of your ears or whatever,” he admits with a laugh. . .

Considered Nolan’s most ambitious film. Oppenheimer goes to cinemas.

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