Jaime Lozano’s heartbreaking announcement that he will not be in charge of the Mexico national team.

Jaime Lozano He had his first stage as a coach mexican team in which he won the Golden Cup, but after a few days of this achievement, he did a statement that suggests he will no longer be in charge of Tri.

When Jaime Lozano was selected to play in the Mexican national team as temporary coach during the Gold Cupfew people thought that the young strategist would achieve the championship.

So, as soon as he lifted the trophy in the international competition, the name of Jaime Lozano, who finally led the Mexican team, gained strength.

Jaime Lozano

Jaime Lozano (Isabelle / MEXSPORT)

The Golden Cup gave strength to Jaime Lozano in the Mexican national team.

The Mexican Football Federation hoped that Jaime Lozano make one golden cup decent to buy time while they choose trainer belonging Choice Mexicanbut the situation has changed.

With the Golden Goblet in my bag, never getting close to Mexican Football Federation To confirm this in position, Jaime Lozano is calm, but when he states he assumes he will not be in charge of El Tri at the 2026 World Cup.

This Monday, Jaime Lozano was the special guest at the farewell game of the Mexican basketball team that will face the Specialty World Championship.

During an event held at the Arena Ciudad de México, Jaime Lozano spoke about his love of basketball thanks to Michael Jordan, but was not spared questions about his situation with the Mexican football team.

“At the moment I’m calm when opportunities come and you take them, the best opportunities always come later,” Jaime Lozano said of the opportunity to continue to lead Mexico.

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Jaime Lozano thanked that both Mexico players and Tri fans prefer him to lead Tri. “When things are going well, they feel good. It’s not for me to say that I hope for a better solution for Mexican football.”

Jaime Lozano asks to follow the rules in the Mexican national team.

Although he was careful in his statement, Jaime Lozano acknowledged that he hoped mexican team“I asked for this when I was a player, and now that I’m a coach, much more.”

As the Mexican Football Federation decides who will lead El Tri, Jaime Lozano says he is happy: “I got an opportunity when I didn’t expect it, I’m someone who likes to prepare for any circumstances and options.”

And to top it off, when asked directly if he sees himself in the future at the head of the Mexican national team, he answered sharply. “Don’t know”.

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