James Gunn breaks silence on new casting

James Gunn finally addressed the casting process for the next Superman. This is what is known about the successor to Henry Cavill.

The DC Extended Universe is a sea of ​​doubt. There are more unknowns about the franchise’s claim than things are known. Although James Gunn recently presented a whole agenda of a first chapter with attractive projects, dates, connections or priorities that each of these will have within the great framework are unknown. The arrival of the filmmaker to the presidency of the company is together with the presence of Peter Safran in the deputy position. While this encouraged fans, it seems to have them confused. Superman is one of the big questions.

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And it is that there were many who asked for the departure of Walter Hamada, the last president of DC Films and one of the most important executives of Warner Bros. Discovery. The businessman had been accused of workplace harassment, injustice and discrimination. He had personal issues with Gal Gadot, Ray Fisher, and spearheaded the controversial decision to move forward with the Snyderverse by removing Zack Snyder after the death of his daughter.

Many experts blame him for the creative failure of the DCEU. However, when everyone thought there was salvation, the new directors announced a total restart, throwing away what had been done before.

With this, Flash it will serve as the perfect reset for the entire timeline. The feature film will focus on Flashpoint, in which Barry will alter reality by traveling back in time to save his mother.

In this way, one of the most significant questions is the one that has to do with the casting. stars like henry cavill, Ben Affleck or Jason Momoa led the previous team, but all (with the exception of the last one) have been ruled out of the studio’s plans. Now, all of Hollywood is on edge as replacements are found for them.

Cavill, for example, was one of the most loved by fans. For this reason, Dwayne Johnson moved heaven and Earth to keep him in Black Adam, even if it was in a cameo. She made it. Not while, Warner also decided to eliminate the antihero and that appearance of the canon.

Who will be the new Superman?

This opens the question of who will be the new Superman. Many claim that he will be an African-American actor. This coincides with the plans that HBO had before for a production about a black hero, which were being led by Michael B. Jordan.

After directing the actor in Creed III he may be taken seriously to take on a hero movie. It would not necessarily have to be the protagonist.

It should be noted that the tape projected so far for the superhero is Superman: Legacy and some netizens asked whether or not it was true that he was looking for an actor between the ages of 25 and 30 for the leading role.

“No, a casting director hasn’t been hired yet,” Gunn responded bluntly in Twitter. Legacy is, as far as he himself has revealed, the epicenter of Chapter I of the new DCEU, which he decided to title Gods and Monsters.

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