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The concert that Rihanna gave in the NFL final made many celebrities celebrate the way in which the artist unfolded, but they have not only celebrated what the A$AP Rocky couple did on stage, but also everything they achieved on social networks, mainly what they generated in a group of women. Find out everything in the following note.

What the ladies of a nursing home showed on TikTok gained a lot of popularity on the short video platform, even getting show figures to be surprised by the organization of these women to dance. In this way, one of the public figures that reacted to the dance of these old women was the rapper Jay-Z.

nice gesture

Although the singer has not manifested himself on the internet to reveal what he did, various pages in cyberspace managed to show that Jay-Z sent these women 100 red roses for their success after perfectly imitating part of the show that Rihanna did in front of millions of people around the world. “We love TikTok here at Roc Nation – Jay-Z”said the singer’s note.

Likewise, different photographs detailed that the artist was delighted with the publication of these women in the social network of Chinese origin where they pulled off Rihanna’s entrance almost perfectly. “The senior center that recreated Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime show on TikTok said Jay-Z sent them 100 red roses”said one Twitter account.

The TikTok of the old women:

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