Jeffree Star discards Hailey Bieber products, it is “team Selena”

In recent days, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding hailey Bieber and Selena Gomezsince Hailey has been accused of bullying the singer along with people like Kendall and Kylie JennerWell, you have to remember that Selena had a relationship with Justin biebercurrent husband of hailey.

In this context it is Selena Gomez It was a trend recently on social networks because it became the most followed women of instagram with 400 million followers surpassing celebrities with the most followers like Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian or Ariana Grande. Initially, he was paired with Kylie Jenner and later surpassed her in a short time and was precisely the most followed celebrity on said platform.

Likewise, both Kendall and kylie Jenner and hailey bieber they lost followers since most users have been shown to be on Selena’s side.

Nowadays, the most recognized celebrities have chosen to present their own make-up brand, such is the case of kylie Jenner owner of the cosmetics company kylie Cosmetics, selena gomez with rare Beauty or in this case hailey bieber with Rhode. These celebrities are among the most followed on Instagram, so they have evidently taken advantage of their reach in the best way to create their beauty brand, which makes sense since most followers of these figures seek to be like them, even use the products they use.kylie Cosmetics of Kylie Jenner is the most followed account on Instagram, later found rareBeauty of selena gomez and thirdly Rhode of hailey with a community of 675 thousand.

Jeffree Star Ditching Hailey Bieber Products in Support of Selena Gomez

Rhode Skin, the beauty brand hailey bieber It did not start in the best way, because a week after its launch, it went to trial for using the name of another fashion brand. Even the clothing brand Rhodefounded in New York, confessed that they had problems on their digital platforms because people were tagging them by mistake, thinking it was about Rhode Skin. Despite this, the model had a remarkable growth in her account, reaching 400,000 followers in a few days of her presentation.

the products of your brand there are three and the most surprising thing was its affordable price in the marketsince only the complete Kit has a value of 95 dollars, around 1,900 Mexican pesos.

hailey bieber He has been in charge of promoting his products showing his makeup routines, he has also sent his brand’s products to several celebrities and acquaintances with the aim of sharing it on their social networks and making the product known, in this case, the brand of the model came into the hands of Jeffree Star, a well-known makeup artist and singer in the United States who has a community of 14.9 million followers in instagram where he just shared a video showing that the products had arrived Rhode Skin so he stated that he would do a review.

From the beginning, the influencers He showed bad faces to the products, and began by commenting that the product was really boring, in addition to opening the packaging there was the portrait of Hailey Bieber, to which he mockingly commented that the model was shown with a face of “to love each other die” and went on to ironically add “Why did I do this, why did I make a mark of skincare?”.

He also commented that he didn’t even know what else to say since the product really looked boring and concluded by saying that it was “team selena” and that he was against bullying by Bieber and his friends, so he proceeded to throw the product into a container outside his house since he mentioned that it didn’t even deserve to stay in his container.

The video has given a lot to talk about, and many claimed to be in favor of turning their backs on celebrities like Kylie, Kendall and obviously Hailey.

Jeffree Star’s move to ditch Hailey Bieber’s beauty products in support of Selena Gomez was a significant gesture in the fashion and beauty industry. This action demonstrated that artists have the power to influence culture and use their platform to support others in the community, as well as to disparage certain people’s products and surely a percentage of their followers will not buy the Rhode brand, they simply for the video that the makeup artist shared.

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