Jena Malone denounced that she was a victim of sexual abuse while filming The Hunger Games

Jena Malone denounced that she was a victim of sexual abuse while filming The Hunger Games

Jena Malone denounced that she was a victim of sexual abuse while filming The Hunger Games

the saga of The Hunger Games It was one of the most successful of the beginning of the century. Not only was she ahead of the trend of featuring a heroine as a central character, but she served to catapult her protagonist, Jennifer Lawrence, to star status. For this reason, many of the actors who participated in any of those films remember those films with nostalgia and affection. Jena Malone, however, went through a real ordeal on the set and only now has she opened up to tell her story.

The actress who played Johanna Mason in both The Hunger Games: Catching Fire as in the two parts of Mockingjayshared this Tuesday a photograph in his account of instagram and surprised his thousands of followers with an unexpected revelation. “This photo was taken right after I finished filming the second part of Mockingjay (2015). I had to say goodbye to everyone on set. We were filming in a beautiful country estate in France and I asked the driver to let me out so I could cry and capture this moment,” she began.

She continued: “Although this time in Paris was extremely difficult for me, I was going through a bad breakup and I was also sexually assaulted by someone I had worked with, but I was so full of gratitude for this project… For the people who they became close ”.

Jena Malone on the set of The Hunger Games

Jena Malone on the set of The Hunger Games

“I was experiencing a swirling mix of emotions that I am only now learning to classify,” she opened up. And she reflected: “I wish that this beautiful experience was not related to such a traumatic event for me, but I think that is the true savagery of life.”

“It’s something like mixing chaos with beauty. I have worked very hard to heal and learn through restorative justice how to make peace with the person who raped me and with myself,” she revealed.

“It has been difficult to talk about The Hunger Games and Johanna Mason without clearly reliving that moment… But I’m ready to get over it and regain the joy and pride I felt for participating in that beautiful project,” she announced.

Finally, the actress wanted to give a message to other people who went through a similar situation: “Much love to you, survivors. The process is very slow and non-linear. I want to say that I am here for anyone who needs to talk, vent or open a space for internal reflection. Everyone who needs it, can send me a private message if you need a space in which to be heard”, she finished.

The post received many supportive comments, including from her co-star in the Willow Shields saga. The actress who played Primrose Everdeen expressed: “This post has left me speechless. I understand and hope that although the process is slow, you are doing well, Jena.”

His post came six months after Malone revealed that he considers himself pansexual. Also in her networks, the actress explained that she had found “words that feel more appropriate” to explore and define her sexual identity, such as “pansexuality, sapiosexuality and polyamory.”

In August, delving into the subject, he told The Hollywood Reporter that he had been reflecting on his sexuality for some time before making that post and that it felt good to share it with his followers.

“The sexual journey is so beautiful,” Malone expressed. And he added: “I mean… All identity trips are great. I feel like I came a little late to the game so I could be less embarrassed. I’ve loved the process of learning more about myself and others through different terms that open windows, those windows then become doors, and then I come to a place to find all this cool stuff.”

“Now it’s humanity’s job to have all these exclamation ceremonies around going out and giving up an identity to celebrate that space for each other. It’s a really sweet human experience. I love learning more about myself, no matter how old I am or what my previous experience is.”

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