Jenna Ortega wore chunky Adidas sneakers and slacks ahead of Saturday Night Live

Jenna Ortega He has positioned himself as a true benchmark of fashion, whether on or off screen, he has managed to be under the scrutiny of the most avid connoisseurs of the industry, since through his vibrant wardrobe decisions, he has made more than one statement. style on various occasions.

The repertoire of Merlina actress Jenna Ortegahas been on the rise, since his role as the protagonist in the Netflix installment, and his recent participation in films such as scream 6 They have made something clear: their ability to always dress at the forefront. And once again, she shows it up with the comfortable pants and chunky tennis Adidas which led to the rehearsal for her special guest appearance on Saturday Night Live.

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How to wear chunky Adidas sneakers and comfortable pants according to Jenna Ortega?


Jenna Ortega in sweatpants and chunky Adidas sneakers during SNL rehearsal.

If anything has become clear thanks to celebrity appearances like Dua Lipa, Anne Hathaway and Bella Hadid, is that today, comfort and style do go hand in hand. brands like st laurent and guccihave also opted to incorporate sweatpants to your collections. This way, Jenna Ortega also decided to join the trend with a pair of baggy pants in black tones that provide versatility to combine in your design.

To accompany them, a couple of unmissable sneakers in your closet this season of Spring-Summer 2023, stood out as the main piece. This silhouette of adidas chunky sneakers in black it is ideal to elevate any type of outfit due to its modern cut that makes it easy to be in constant movement. Emulating with the rest of her clothing, she also opted for a track sweatshirt of the same brand. This takes the black notes as a base, but adds the emblematic side stripes and the logo that serve as a distinctive emblem within its creations.

In the same way, she decided on a loose hair style and an elongated eyeliner that she complemented with lips in shades naked for makeup, a pair of sterling hoop earrings and a ring in the same color range to finish.

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