Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are left without a home; They refuse to buy a MILLIONAIRE mansion in Los Angeles

After having the dream wedding, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck They have shared their married life with their children living on the property of the Bronx Diva in Bel-Air, however, it was recently revealed that the actors are looking for a new home. Despite the fact that they already had a sale in their sights, the news has come out that the marriage is staying homeless given that refuse to buy the millionaire mansion of The Angels.

In recent weeks the couple began the search for their own home where they can live with all their children, it was said that the couple had already begun the deal for a millionaire Mansion located in The Angels well, even Jennifer Lopez He had put his property up for sale for $42 million. However, it seems that the property has not finished convincing them because now both JLo and Ben Affleck they stay homeless and reject buy the of the.

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