Jennifer Lopez and Shakira have a common taste, what is it?

Jennifer Lopez made a splash when he shared with TBT about his creative career, however, it wasn’t the song that attracted the most attention, but the costumes he used.

That’s right, the theme was a remix of the famous song Te Boté, originally written by Bad Bunny, later versions were made with Ozuna, Wisin-i-Yandel and the diva from the Bronx.

But the wardrobe she used four years ago to launch this song was the same one the Barranquilla woman wore recently to Victor & Rolf’s fall/winter 2023 haute couture show. BDm4F15NLv8nM5WZAZCIjsIaM8TTRCRqeSCH5dmTWbPklPyvXrH0wQYSQrZAUGnv7oJj9tHaEf5wqDyB92KVEaFjErzIh680j5e44ZBm5W5b3SmW8jeufT

Who are the authors of Shakira and Jaylo’s dress?

Victor and Rolf are the creators of the scandalous dress with the famous “NO” inscription on the top, but this is not their first scandalous thing; most of his writings aim to convey specific messages such as “Forward”, “Dream” and “I wish you well”. b 7rQDrIvXGD4AoE3uZCTIb9Tgg3P9RIZBDm4F15NLv8nM5WZAZCIjsIaM8TTRCRqeSCH5dmTWbPklPyvXrH0wQYSQrZAUGnv7oJj9tHaEf5wqDyB92KVEaFjErzIh680j5e44Z B m5W5b3SmW8jeufT

Now the question arises: on whom does the dress look better?

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