Jennifer Lopez debuts a new hair look: the chocolate cookie balayage

Jennifer Lopez He is a hair chameleon and it seems that the change of season has inspired a new look transformation, although this time it is not very obvious. It is an effect applied to his brown hair, which refreshes his image and gives him a highly sexy air without being too daring. You already saw the photos?

Right now we show you, in addition to all the details of its delicious and current hair color. You will like it if you are looking for a very hot!

Chocolate cookie: JLo’s new hair color

As its name says, it is a dye that resembles the colors of a chocolate chip cookie. Translated to the mane, it has dark roots that fade towards a vanilla tone (with slightly golden sparkles) filling your look with shine and glamour.

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Because the blonde tone is swept away as a balayage From the height of the eyebrows, approximately, this coloration gives a lot of light to the face, but in a more subtle way than the money piece waves chunky highlights.

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The shade also gives a lot of dimension to the hair.

To achieve it just like Jennifer Lopez, we recommend leaving your hair in the hands of a stylist so that he can tell you whether or not you need bleaching (and to what degree). Remember that the effect is very subtle and oriented towards vanilla and gold in its highlights, so you should forget about yellow blondes and use toners at home to maintain the effect on point.

Why should you wear it in spring/summer?

The tone is exquisite, subtle and luminous, something that will undoubtedly give you a refresh to your hair and skin, so it will be enough to have the dye to do without makeup and look spectacular. Plus, it sparkles beautifully in the sun! And if we talk about your antiaging effectshelps to remove weight from the features that harden the face, providing a softer, more delicate and jovial effect.

In summary, betting on it will give you confidence and light instantly, something that you will love to highlight in this hot season!

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It looks beautiful with any type of hairstyle.

Did you love or hate the new Jennifer Lopez Chocolate Cookie Balayage? We loved it, and we already want to go ask for it at the salon!

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