Jennifer Lopez has an important record that almost no one knows

As everybody know, Jennifer Lopez has been one of the most significant female artists in the world of musicand it is that it is no secret to anyone that it has achieved multiple achievements and among them there is an important record which is hardly talked about.

Throughout his professional career he has experimented on several occasions in the art of acting, for example when he starred in the film «selena»and has made it clear that she has talent, creativity and great charisma, characteristics that would lead her to fame.

He also stood out in his presentation at halftime of the super bowl

an important and exclusive stage that not all artists can reach, and that is that the dancer, singer, artist and businesswoman is also the owner of a makeup and skincare line called «jlo beauty«. Among all this, Jlo, is the owner of a Guinness recordwhich is hardly mentioned.

He managed to position two of his greatest creations in the first position in the same week, the film «The Wedding Planner» and his record work «J.Lo“, receiving praise from critics and great recognition from Guinness Records, for being the only artist to achieve this feat.

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