Jennifer Lopez revealed the secret of how to show off tanned skin in the summer

If anyone can be trusted when it comes to tanning, it’s her. Jennifer Lopez. Since the early 2000s, she has captivated us with her tanned skin that has just the right amount of radiance, color and hydration to blend into her body, making her the queen of summer radiance.

For a long time, her fans assumed that the star used to show off her radiant complexion, but today we know from her hands what exactly she uses in her beauty ritual. If you want to know what your new summer basicsKeep reading!

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Two steps to perfect tan by J. Lo

Recently, the On the Floor translator shared on social networks hack beauty to achieve perfect cinnamon tan (without having to expose yourself to the sun) and in seconds.

All you need is to apply 2 products: SPF and booster. The star, of course, uses her brand’s makeup, starting with That Big Screen, a moisturizer with sunscreen to protect skin from the sun. UV-A/UV rays, street pollutants, free radicals and blue light damage. Remember that you need to draw two lines the size of the index and middle fingers.

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Instant glow DOES exist.

The second step is to apply Star Filter Complexion Booster, another favorite Jennifer Lopez who repeatedly recommended to his followers for natural radiance of the skin.

After applying the mixture to his face and neck, he zoomed in on the camera a little to better appreciate the radiance and color it brings to the complexion. ‘Shining instant tan, ready to use. Eat. You are always welcome,” says the actress.

What do we love most about it? hack It is not only a radiant finish, but also the purpose of the ritual: skin care! Sun damage is known to cause dehydration, collagen loss, blemishes and even skin cancer, so make them visible. the importance of using sunscreen Like J Lo, it’s a lesson that this time the star is leaving us.

Do you want to get these products at Sephora or opt for sunscreen and booster highlighter preferences, now you know what the secret of a perfect tan is businesswoman J. Lo Beautyand skincare routine!

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