Jessica Chastain’s makeup artist (also at the Oscars) always uses this trick for a good face effect

If we look at the secrets of actresses and what they do to always look so good, we put our beauty focus on Jessica Chastainwhose makeup artist Christopher Buckle, also at the Oscars, has the best keys to achieve a glowing face. Actresses like sarah paulson either Lucy Liu. And going back to Jessica Chastain, we’ve discovered what she does to achieve that so bright effect in the face and at the same time natural and flattering taking advantage of our features.

No to contouring

Among the tricks that Kristofer Buckle has when it comes to always getting such a good face with the makeup of the actresses is the no contouringthat is, avoid this technique, and even more so if the structure of your cheekbones is quite marked because it would highlight your features more and what we want to achieve is soften the features. So spread well and blend the foundation, sun powder and blush on your facial skin with a brush or with the help of your fingers.

luminous foundation

Jessica Chastain at the Golden Globes with juicy skin with highlights on her face, subtle blush and creamy pink lips.GTres Online.

To unify the tone of the face and hide those small imperfections, in addition to the concealer for dark circles, the make-up artist opts for a luminous makeup base beautiful skin effect And she accompanies it with a blush to give that pink tone to her very natural cheeks and with a very faded washed touch.

Illuminator in the high areas of the face

And to add more luminosity to the skin, the makeup artist opts for giving different touches of illuminator to the highest points of the face, such as the cheek bonethe ciliary arch of the eyebrows or the bone of the nose but in a subtle way.

Make up and define eyebrows and lips

To start Bucklead’s makeup, pay close attention to eyebrows, defining them according to your hair color to give dimension to the face with a eyebrow pencil and for a rested look, nothing like a nude eyeshadow palette that always makes a look more awake and rested. And of course give it a touch of color to your lips betting on soft colors such as pink or nude and creamy textures when choosing lipstick.

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