Johanna Fadul responded to those who criticize her cosmetic surgery


The metropolitan actress was tired of the comments and harshly responded to those who blamed the changes in her body.

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Johanna Fadul is an actress from Bogotá who won the hearts of millions of Colombians. Her stunning beauty and undeniable talent They opened the door for her to participate in such wonderful projects on national television as “Padres e hijos”, “Tu voz estereo” and “Sin senos si hay paraíso”.

In addition, the Colombian stood out in the world of modeling and was categorized one of the women with the best figureWell, her stately body managed to attract the attention of not only cameras, but also many subscribers. which he left more than once, “drooling.”

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Although Fadul excelled in very disciplined physical activity and diet, Apparently, approaching the age of 40 weighs on him, and they let him know this with noticeable changes in the body.

A few weeks ago, the model told her followers that although she has always managed to stand out, Recently, her body began to “vomit” and cellulite began to appear.

Faced with such a change in her physique, the 37-year-old woman did not feel comfortable and for this reason she decided to go to the operating room to remove excess fat from her body and achieve the definition of the abdomen.

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Of course, the decision of the actress caused such a stir in the networks that many Internet users reacted and opposed the operation, because They felt that Fadul was too thin and did not need cosmetic intervention.

Given the sharp criticism from users,The Colombian decided to speak up and respond sharply and sarcastically to those who doubted her decision.

How the model responded to viewers who criticized her It was through stories on Instagram that he did it in the company of host Santiago Vargas.who ironically asked him: “Have you had brain surgery?”

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To which the Colombian replied “Obviously, there is nothing else for this little body to do. Let’s see if that makes me happy, that’s what’s important, do what you want with your life.”

After this recognition, many netizens immediately reacted to the comment of the actress. praise her for defending herself against criticism from those who reproach her for her decisions.

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