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John Travolta was in charge of commemorating the figures from the world of cinema who died in 2022 in the ‘In memoriam’ sequence of the awards Oscars 2023.

As part of his presentation, the actor had emotional words for the celebrities who left and could not control his emotions when referring to Olivia Newton Johnher friend and colleague from the movie ‘Grease’.

“In this industry we have the rare luxury of doing what we love for a living and sometimes we get to do it with people we come to love and as today is a night of celebrating the work and achievements of our community of the past year it is fitting that Let’s celebrate those we’ve lost who dedicated their lives to this trade, both in front of and behind the cameras,” he said.

“Through their contributions, each of these individuals left an individual mark, which shaped us and touched our hearts. In addition, they made us smile and became dear friends, to whom we will always remain devoted.”, he said through tears.

Olivia Newton-John died last August at the age of 73, a victim of breast cancer with which she had been fighting for years.

Cate Blanchett and Cara Delevingne, the most elegant of the Oscars

The 95th edition of the Oscars, the most important annual event in the world of cinema, began as every year with the long-awaited red carpet, this year in champagne color, a walk in which the elegance of Cate Blanchett and Cara Delevingne stood out.

Ana de Armas, Nicole Kidman, Angela Bassett, Salma Hayek or Jessica Chastain have been some of the international stars who have walked the three hundred meters of the Oscars red carpet, leaving outfits that are already part of the history of cinema and fashion. .

An edition that has been marked by the designs in black and white, although there have also been successful color notes such as the red of the model and actress Cara Delevingne, who has worn a haute couture design by Elie Saab with an opening on the skirt that has allowed her to show her leg, a pose with which she has winked at Angelina Jolie in one of the most memorable moments of the Oscars.

Cate Blanchett has been one of the most elegant actresses with a Louis Vuitton outfit made up of an electric blue oversize blouse and a black skirt that ends in an elegant and flirty train. With information from EFE.



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