Johnny Depp triumphs as a painter and collects nine million with his paintings of famous dead like River Phoenix

The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star’s paintings take London by storm. Each painting, dedicated to celebrities such as Bob Marley or Heath Ledger, costs about 5,000 euros and they run out.

Since the sentence that ended the media trial that he starred in with his ex Amber Heard, Johnny Depp (59), already redeemed, has reinvented himself. Not that the star of Pirates of the Caribbean has left the cinema, in fact he has a project to direct a film about the life of the Italian painter Modigliani, but the actor is developing a new artistic facet, that of a painter, which, in addition, is reporting millionaire benefits.

Depp’s paintings are selling like hotcakes to the point that has raised more than five million euros in a few days.

London’s Castle Fine Art Gallery released a series of limited edition prints of Bob Marley, writer Hunter S Thompson and actors Heath Ledger and River Phoenix which sold out in five days, a gallery spokesman said. The brightly colored paintings cost 4,500 pounds each (just over 5,000 euros), or 17,500 pounds (more than 19,700 euros) for four.

It is the second exhibition of the collection Friends and Heroes (Friends and Heroes) of the actor that goes on sale in the United Kingdom. The first, held in July, had as protagonists Bob Dylan, Keith Richards, Elizabeth Taylor and Al Pacino and it also sold out all its stocks in a few hours.

According to The Daily Mailin just seven months Depp He has earned around 9 million euros with his paintings. The actor has confessed to this British medium that he is “very excited” by the interest that people are showing in his work, which he does in his free time. He has also confessed that he is spending more time in Europe, especially in London, where he enjoys a “very creative” environment. “For many years I strictly limited myself to the daily work of the cinema, although I always fled to a blank sheet of paper, whether writing, drawing or painting”, he has revealed.

Painting is not the only creative facet that Johnny Depp has developed outside the cinema. He is also dedicated to music, with his own band. With guitarist Jeff Beck, who died in January, he released a record, called 18together last July.

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