Johnny Depp triumphs in his facet as a painter

After the controversial and toxic judicial process with his ex-wife, Amber Heard, Johnny Depp he found in music the best way to calm his passions. His great friend, the guitarist Jeff Beck, hosted him during what would be his last concert tour until his sudden death last January. After that, painting seems to be his last refuge. To a large extent because, in addition, one of his upcoming film projects will lead him to direct a film about Modigliani.

The Italian portrait painter and sculptor died in 1920 at the age of 35 from meningitis. His eventful existence, full of excesses, misery and needs, did not prevent him from leaving an extensive collection of works that were not recognized during his lifetime. Depp he is so fascinated by it that he has even ventured to take his first steps on a canvas.

Actor Johnny Depp has found another means of artistic expression in painting (Photo: Castle Fine Art Gallery Instagram)

Johnny Depp has also had great success in this second edition of portraits

And to tell the truth, the actor is not bad at all if we look at the sales figures for some of his works. Amounts that he would have already wanted for himself Modigliani for one of his portraits.

An art gallery in the United Kingdom has just sold for just over 4.5 million pounds a series of paintings signed by Johnny Depp. Some limited edition portraits of the star of the reggae Bob Marleythe writer Hunter S Thompson and the actors Heath Ledger and river phoenix.

(Photo: Castle Fine Art Gallery Instagram)

This is the second edition of a pictorial series that actor calls Friends and Heroes. In the previous exhibition, last August, Johnny Depp sold in just a few hours portraits of Bob Dylan, Keith Richardsthe actress elizabeth taylor and the actor Al Pacino.

For both exhibitions, Depp he would have obtained more than 8 million pounds. The actor has acknowledged that he is “pleasantly moved” for the interest that his pictorial work has unleashed. He also assures that he is spending more time in Europe and the United Kingdom, which helps him in his creative process.

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