“Jordan and LeBron are incomparable, I compare him to great people”: Tony Kukoch, three-time NBA champion

Tony Kukoch, three-time NBA champion with the Chicago Bulls a question was asked about the eternal dispute that prevails in basketball NBA: Comparison between Michael Jordan And LeBron James.

“It is difficult to compare players who have never played at the same time, who have never met each other. Obviously, like everything in basketball, it evolves. It gets better every time”sentenced Kukoc.

“Today you can see all the older players and know all their moves. You can practice the moves, you can prepare better, because knowing what to eat and how to prepare, how to get rid of injuries faster, how to keep your body in shape… all these little things can make you a better player. »added the Croatian basketball player.

“Michael has obviously taken world basketball to the next level. From that moment on, LeBron became what LeBron is, and now he has given Luka (Doncic) the opportunity to be Luka and (Nikola) Jokic to be Jokic. In those days, this was unimaginable.”emphasizing the influence of the icon Bulls of Chicago.

In closing, Kukoch offered an interesting perspective on comparing Michael Jordan to other sports legends in general: “So if I can compare Michael, I would compare him to Tiger to golf, Messi or Ronaldo to football, (Michael) Phelps to swimming and the like.”these are common words Brandon “Scoop B” Robinsonfamous insider NBA middle Balli Sport.

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