Juan Pablo Gomez: “In the U we still don’t think about Colo-Colo”

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

The Blues winger spoke at a press conference before the clash with La Calera on Day 22 of the national championship, where he assured that they urgently needed to return to victory. “We need to get back to winning and that will give us confidence in everything that comes next, not just in the classic game,” he said.

They are preparing to face Cementeros ahead of the new Superclassico. University of Chile winger Juan Pablo Gomez spoke about the fight against Union La Calera, assuring that they had been hard at work on the mental and emotional aspect of the team’s next goals after five games without a win.

“The mental aspect is something we’ve been working on a lot these weeks, it’s something decisive in the game and I think the team will be more prepared from now on. Sometimes it’s the work of the ants that gets you out of bad times, because those are streaks, and bad streaks end too,” Gomez said of the psychological aspect of the team.

“We need to win as soon as possible, as individual scores can be boosted by the mere fact of trust,” continued one who studied at the Catholic University.

“We attach great importance to all games, we need to find victory again, and this will give us confidence in everything that follows, not only in the classic game. All matches have the same score, in the end everything turns out to be very important. I think you need to go for this victory so that what comes after takes on a new look,” he said.

On the other hand, the former Curico Unido player avoided mentioning the duel against Colo-Colo on September 2. “I’m speaking personally, I’m not thinking about the Superclasico yet, I think that the match against Union La Calera can give us an important impetus for further development,” he added.

Finally, the winger didn’t want to blame the referee for the Blues’ poor results in recent days. I think it’s a waste of time because they are trying to do their best, I don’t like to bring up this topic, yes, I want to say that Nicholas Millas did not play a very good role in his last arbitration, but this is a chance, ” he concluded.

It should be remembered that U will play against Union La Calera this Friday, August 25, at the Nicolas Chauan Stadium at 18:00 on the 23rd day of the national championship.

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