Juanpa Zurita will produce and star in an international adventure show on Roku

Who is not fit for emotion is the Mexican influencer and actor Juanpa Zurita, as he will be part of the content bar in Spanish and English that the television and internet entertainment platform Roku is preparing for upcoming dates.

The well-known Mexican youtuber will start with the production of adventure show titled hornbeam DM which will be made up of six chapters in what would apparently be its first season. Each chapter will address a off the charts experience that the protagonist, in this case Juanpa Zurita, will live to push himself to the extreme and make himself grow more and more.

The episodes of hornbeam DM They will be in English and Spanish, that is, bilingual, and will be part of the content that Roku will also distribute in the United States. In this regard, the Mexican youtuber who has become popular with his extreme short documentarieson this occasion he will try to transfer a bit the essence of that concept to his new hornbeam DM.


I’m finally going to go back to making content for the US… well in Spanish, but US… although also in English and for Mexico… Alright, I’ll just say it… From Mexico, For the world, I am very proud to announce that we are doing a BILINGUAL program! And don’t worry if you’re not bilingual, we have subtitles… all cool.

6 years ago we pitched this show and no one was interested in it, I didn’t understand why then, but now I know I just wasn’t ready. Fortunately, in 2020 I climbed a mountain that would change everything,” revealed Juanpa.

He is also an actor who has been part of Luis Miguel, the series y otros proyectos shared that the mini-documentaries that he started making since 2020 opened the doors for this opportunity with Roku.


Creating the mini-docus was a blind bet to make the type of content that I wanted to consume and luckily I discovered that you do too. We put together a small team, we learned like never before, we made a lot of mistakes and we understood what this show needed for someone to trust it. One more experience that teaches me that by believing so much in something that you risk doing it yourself, you can make others see its value and join your team. Now it’s time to take everything you’ve learned, take the adventures to the next level, and freaking go international. If I told the child that he made videos in high school to have friends that this would happen, I would not believe it,” emphasizes the famous man who will visit various cities in the United States looking for unique experiences that he will produce together with his production company to make them part of the Carpe episodes. DM.

For now, the famous emphasizes that he cannot give details about the release date of this project, however he says he is quite proud and excited to be part of the new programs and content that Roku TV will have for the public and that will also include some productions by Jennifer Lopez and Jaime Camil, among others.

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