Judge recognizes (more than 10 years later) major disability of worker with amputation of phalanges

He labor court 8 of Barcelona recognized, contrary to the criteria of the National Institute of Social Security (INSS), great disability worker who in 2011 suffered traumatic amputation phalanx of the right hand and consequences psychological as a consequence of the event.

The verdict passed by the court recognized the employee as TribunalMedico.comas a severely disabled person and sentenced INSS to pay the appropriate amount. pensionas the plaintiffs said this Thursday in a statement.


An incident happened to a worker while he was working for a company fruit packaging and, as a consequence of the incident, received medical attention and surgicaland had to intervene urgent reconstruction due to local complications.

These complications led to the fact that he developed a syndrome complex regional pain type II and develop a picture of mental damage after traumatic amputation.


The worker received 2013 disability requested by representatives of the affected party revise to exacerbate psychiatric picture, with a psychofunctional picture of extreme severity, a diagnosed disorder post traumatic stress with psychotic symptoms and undifferentiated schizophrein.

The victim was even hospitalized. suicide attemptssevere somatic pathology, cognitive changes, amnestic disturbances and possible auditory hallucinations, behavioral, cognitive and affective changes, depressive disorder and delirium.

In addition, the worker was diagnosed epilepsy widely spread, type I diabetesdifficult with diabetic retinopathythere is one total urinary incontinencewith the need to wear diapers, which paints a very degraded functional picture.

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