Jujuy: tourist loses compensation and dies while visiting Jordanian hot springs


This is a man from the province of Buenos Aires. He suffered from asthma, and because of his growth, his condition was complicated.

Inspection Commissioner Moiss Llanos, Head of Regional Directorate N2, spoke with Channel 7 Jujuy, and explained that a medical examination had established that the cause of death of the tourist was respiratory problems, as he suffered from asthma.

“This is a 37-year-old tourist from the province of Buenos Aires, who went on a tourist trip to Hot Springs of the Jordan River which is located near the city of San Francisco in Valle Grande. Since it is customary for tourists to go to this place, the man broke down on the way and lost consciousness.

“As a result of this, he received medical assistance, but he died. The Valle Grande police station had to intervene and the body was moved from this hard-to-reach place through the judge on duty.”

“He was transferred to the judicial morgue, and during the examination, the doctors found that man suffering from asthmabecause of the height it was difficult and died of breathing problems“.

Long weekend in Jujuy:

Thanks to the reopening of routes, the province was able to resume tourism this weekend. The balance was very good both in the capital and in the hinterland.

Visitors toured cities, hills, salt marshes, La Puna and Quebrada de Humahuaca. The hot springs of the Jordan River in the lush jungle of the Yungas, located in the city of San Francisco, several thousand meters above sea level, were a high-traffic area.

As usual, meetings were held which in themselves attracted national and international tourists, such as the Harley Davidson Motorcyclists’ Meeting, the Book Fair, the Medieval Festival and other events.

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