Juliet’s funny mistake in Big Brother

During the afternoon games the participants of Big Brother they had to say famous names according to the letters they were given and Juliet made a funny mistake with the name Sandra Bullock.

The reality is close to the final and since there are few players, in addition to Rodo and Valentina who will leave this Sunday, from the production every afternoon they encourage the participants to carry out different activities.

In this context, on Wednesday the little brothers had to say famous names according to the letters they were drawing and the one who got the most correct wins.

When Nacho’s turn comes and he takes out the letter S, his classmates are saying names: “Susana”, “Sandro”, “Soledad Silveyra”. At that moment, Juliet shouts: “Sandra Durlock”, everyone looked at her and asked her what she had said and Rodolfo saved her and corrected her: “Sandra Bullock, she’s fine”.

Big Brother: four participants were nominated

The six participants of Big Brother voted this Wednesday night and four of them were on the nominees plateafter Valentina, Marcos’s sister, won the parallel contest between relatives.

The four members of the house that received the most votes were the four women: Camila, Romina, Juliet and La Tora. Nacho was the least voted and Marcos received the leadership for the test that his sister won.

This Thursday it will be the turn of the Salteño save one plaque. During his vote, he awarded him two votes to Lucila and one to Camila, so Romina and Julieta would have an advantage. In any case, it would be necessary to see what strategy he applies.

The last participant to be eliminated from the reality show hosted by Santiago del Moro had been Daniela10 days ago.

Big Brother: Tora is tired of Romina

What began as a consolation talk between Nacho and Lucilla by the exit of Gladys from the house of Big Brother led to strong criticism of the Torah toward Romina.

“I’m not feeling comfortable with some things. I’m talking about Romina”began the player from Beraztegui when talking to the former soccer player.

uan Ignacio suggested to his partner that the former deputy must be tired like everyone else, and that things bother her like each of the reality show players, according to Telefe.

However, the Torah did not back down. “Yes, but in the game sense too. I’m getting chips from other things too. I think about staying quiet or acting. Right now I’m very angry: Romi didn’t let Valen cook, she didn’t let Rodo make a sauce, she told the cousin that is very skinny“Lucila listed against Romina.

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