Jungkook showed his close relationship with Kim Taehyung with this incredible gesture.

Some of the most beloved members of the KPop group, btsare members jungkook And Kim Taehyungbeing the two of them the youngest in the group, and although one could believe that these two are simple singers and musical colleagues, the maknae recently made an emotional gesture to see his close relationship with his partner, also known as IN.

Member Jungkook recently released his new solo song.Seven“To this day he is breaking records on various music platforms, before that, both he and his comrades and his most loyal ARMYs let the idol know how happy they are with this new change in his life.

Although everything was happy, very little was known about the entire creation of this song from the same artist, and it was Jungkook who, with an emotional gesture, showed his fans that he had a close relationship with a classmate. 27 years


In a recent interview with Spotify Korea Maknae didn’t hesitate to reveal who first heard his new song, Jungkook showed that it was V who heard the song even a few minutes after the end of the recording. He also revealed that their musical tastes are not very similar, but Kim Taehyung was very pleased with the song and couldn’t help but express his support.

It’s a manifestation of love molten to all my fans who have realized over the years that these two members are very good friends and professional colleagues.

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