Jurien Timber increases injury wave in Europe

The start of the 2023/24 season has been a headache for some European football clubs.because already in their first games or in the run-up to them, some players suffered painful cruciate ligament injuries of the knee, due to which they were eliminated from this first part of the season.

Such case of Thibault Courtois and Eder Militaowho were away from Real Madrid for several months after a cruciate ligament rupture just a few days ago.

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Arsenal defender Yourrien Timber has been added to this list. after making his Premier League debut with the Gunners against Nottingham Forest met the same fate than the two professional colleagues already mentioned, having been suspended from the playgrounds for several months.

Also in premier league on opening day Belgian midfielder Kevin De Bruyne also got injured. which will require surgery this is after a hamstring problem he’s been wearing since preseason.

Other notable cases in the Premier League are those of Christopher Nkunku and Wesley Fofana, who will also be unable to be at Chelsea as they will have to undergo surgery due to injury.

Guardiola raised his voice at the high travel and game workload footballers face

Ahead of this Wednesday’s European Super Cup final between Manchester City and Sevilla, coach of last season’s trio winners Pep Guardiola raised his voicekeeping in mind the problem of Kevin De Bruyne, but not forgetting other players and teams that are facing the same problem.

Considering this, Guardiola criticized the current football, in which there is little time for rest between seasons, and the intense pre-season that teams have. in the Arab countries of Asia or in the US only to comply with trade agreements.

“De Bruyne is a very important player for us… In my first pre-season, I had 25 days to prepare for the first game. Now they give you 4 days and in the end look how many crusaders… they make you go to Asia, the USA, very strong matches, derbies, and people fall, keep falling and will fall,” Guardiola explained.

Similarly, the coach of the townspeople He urged football players to also raise their voice for their physical health in the face of such long seasons as in European football.

“Because the show must go on.” And if Courtois is not there, there will be another one, and if Militao is not there, then another, or Kevin, well, there will be another one. Because you finish the Champions and they spend two weeks with the national teams and then next year the club world championship in the United States with 37 teams. It’s too much adaptation, shooting, very little training and energy in matches. It’s a losing battle until the players stand up and say, “We’re not playing.”added trainer Citizen.

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