Justin Bieber enters the drama of his wife Hailey with a hint at Selena Gomez

In the midst of the controversy between the American singer Selena Gómez and the model Hailey Bieber-Baldwin, the latter’s husband, the Canadian Justin Bieber, seems to have entered the lawsuit.

The interpreter of Baby is the reason why the alleged dispute has been going on for years, since he is Selena’s ex-boyfriend, and he announced his commitment to Hailey just two months after ending their intermittent 8-year relationship with her, in 2018.

At the time, many accused Hailey of being Bieber’s lover since before his breakup with Selena, and of even having been the cause of it, so since she married Justin, fans have made enemies of them.

Although Gomez has repeatedly asked her fans not to attack Hailey anymore, this is not stopping. Recently, the situation was fueled by a series of videos uploaded by Alec Baldwin’s niece, where she allegedly made fun of Selena for her eyebrows and her weight gain.

Hailey would have even involved her best friend, the influencer and businesswoman Kylie Jenner, who participated in the video where they both talked about mistakes in the eyebrows, just hours after Selena made a story with a bad laminate.

This weekend, as part of his 29th birthday, the Canadian singer seems to have entered the hint game, and at his party he gave memories with a message that annoyed several users on networks.

Bieber invited several artists to his huge birthday bash, handing them out sweatshirts reading “Bieber 29” as souvenirs, as well as decorations reading, “Glad I didn’t end up with what I thought I wanted.”

The message has been interpreted by many as a hint from Bieber to Gómez, due to the long time they shared together and that they clung to their relationship despite all the breakups.

At the moment, Selena has not reacted to the comments, while in Justin’s Instagram photos many continue to speculate about how he does not appear smiling with his wife in any.

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