Justin Bieber fans insult Hailey after the controversy with Selena Gomez

          This weekend, Justin Bieber wowed the crowd at Rolling Loud, a music festival held in Los Angeles. The Canadian singer teamed up with Don Toliver to perform the song they both collaborate on, ‘Private Landing’, a performance that had a lot of impact on social media, but not for the reasons they would have liked. While the singers gave it their all on stage, several of the concert attendees could not think of anything other than insulting Hailey Bieber by yelling “Fuck Hailey”. As it is.

          This incident takes place after the latest controversy between the model, Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez. We assume that you are aware of what happened because it was quite famous, but just in case we tell you what happened: a couple of weeks ago, Selena Gomez (Justin’s ex-partner) shared a ‘story’ commenting that she had laminated her eyebrows too much and that looked kind of weird. Minutes later, Jenner shared a similar story with a text in which she said: “Was this an accident?” at the height of her eyebrows.

          To add fuel to the fire, the businesswoman returned to the charge with a new story minutes later. It was a screenshot of a video call with Hailey Bieber in which both cameras were pointed at her eyebrows. After the huge commotion that arose, both spoke out, downplaying the matter and stating that things had been taken out of context, but the controversy was served.

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          That Kylie and Selena have done it wrong does not justify the insults that the model received this weekend, as many Twitter users are making clear. “I understand that what he did was wrong, but listen, we are all human… and this is more disgusting! Do not bully anyone, mental health is very important and Selena said it too, but I see that they are Justin’s fans those who do this. Do not be ‘bullies'”, writes a user of the social network.

          “And we still mess with women. Nothing changes,” says another. “This is disrespectful. You don’t buy tickets to support Justin and criticize his wife. Who does something like that?” Asks a third party on Twitter. And reason is not lacking to any.

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