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At 29 years old, Justin Bieber has become one of the most popular artists of the last decade. Ironically though, his solid musical success came with a chaotic love life. From the tender age of 15 (where he shot to stardom with hits like “Baby” and “One Time”), Justin made headlines that slowly began to put his music aside to focus on the various scandals and love triangles with Selena Gomez, hailey and a long list of celebrities as protagonists. Speaking of his birthday, we take a look at Justin Bieber’s chaotic love life through the years.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: an intense and chaotic relationship

Although Justin Bieber He had other girlfriends before achieving fame, his love life went unnoticed until the arrival of Selena Gomez to his heart in mid-2010. A few months later, after appearing together on the red carpet at the Vanity Fair party after the 2011 Oscar Awards, both would confirm the start of the “Jelena”, the “teenage dream come true”(ironically) in the words of a teenager Hailey Bieber.

For 2 years, Justin and Selena were one of the most beloved youth couples in the pop music industry. But in 2012, their relationship experienced its first break. Trust issues and age differences escalated until Justin was arrested for drunk driving and Selena was diagnosed and hospitalized for lupus.

In the following years it was an unstable relationship, full of rumors and ideas and comings that no one confirmed or denied until in 2015, Justin and selena They gave love a new chance. But the romance returned intensely and intermittently (if that was possible) until in 2018 they officially ended their relationship.

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All of Justin Bieber’s famous girlfriends

During the time that Justin and Selena were in an intermittent relationship, the singer did not miss the opportunity to have fun with various women. Miranda Kerr, Barbara Palvin, Chantel Jeffries, Sofia Richie and even Adriana Lima (who denied being involved with him)Kourtney Kardashian (with whom a sexual affair was rumored following her divorce with Scott) and Kendall and Kylie Jenner (the first, a fleeting relationship that ended with Kendall as Hailey’s best friend and the second with an exchange of supposed nudes and risque chats) were some of the many celebrities with whom he was linked between sexual rumors and brief courtships that they went into oblivion.

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Justin and Hailey Bieber: an unexpected and controversial marriage

When Justin and Selena Gomez are in one of their separations in 2016, he appears on the scene hailey (then Baldwin). And we say that she “on stage” because she has just been caught on the radar of Justin’s paparazzi and fans. As revealed in previous interviews, Justin and hailey They met when they were just 14 and 12 years old, respectively. And although they coincided in some social events, it was not until 2016 that they were seen as a couple after photos of them kissing at a party were spread on networks.

The “other teenage dream” had come true: a celebrity fell in love with a fan. Yes, before appearing on the scene, Hailey was such a fan of Justin to the point of going to his concerts and autograph signings. However, the relationship did not last long, in the summer of that same year they separated.

In 2017, Justin and selena they resumed their relationship. They were seen loving each other on different dates and outings in public, but it all ended, this time definitively, in March 2018. Six months later, in September of that same year, Justin Bieber surprises his fans, the press and the rest of the world when marrying hailey.

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The unexpected marriage angered the singer’s fans who, to this day, cannot resign themselves to accepting that Justin married Hailey and not Selena. In something of an ironic twist, the singer turned his life upside down after his marriage and became a loving husband away from scandal.

Since then, the waters have been apparently calm. None of the three spoke publicly about the love triangle, but they did express their feelings about what happened through music. selena She made her own emotional catharsis through singles like “Lose you to love me” for the “traumatic experience” (in her words) that she lived in her longest and most intense love relationship. For her part, Justin released new music of which, according to some rumors, some songs would have Selena as a muse.

Again, everything was still rumors, until in mid-2022, hailey bieber reignites the flame of the love triangle by publicly referring to Justin’s ex (obviously, Selena) on the “Call her daddy” podcast. Since then, hints between hailey and selena They didn’t stop to this day, inclusive, dividing celebrities and fans into two camps.

The result? The social networks of Justin Bieber full of comments that remind him daily of the chaotic triangle in which he is still involved, despite the fact that he avoids speaking out on the subject at all costs.

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