Justin Bieber’s church is accused of requiring its employees to donate part of their salary as a tithe

The Churchome evangelical megachurch, located in Seattle, United States, is in the midst of a legal controversy. And it is that the church, which has celebrities such as Justin Bieber or Russel Wilson, has been accused by an employee of forcing its workers to donate a part of their salaries as a tithe or “they risk being fired.”

According to a Seattle Times publication, the worker Rachel Kellogg alleged, in a lawsuit filed in King County Superior Court last week, that Churchome and his leaders “engaged in a systemic scheme of Wage and hour abuse against your employees“, including the requirement that all employees give 10% of your gross salary earned per month as an offering.

pay or fire

Kellogg, also pointed out in his plea the threat to which the workers were exposed. If these payments were not made, the lawsuit says, “they would face pressure, disciplinary action or dismissal.”

According to the North American media, Kellogg, who worked in video and production for Churchome, said that she was never informed of this policy until she was hired in 2019. The lawsuit argues that the practice violates the state’s Consumer Protection Act and wage and hour laws.

“Illegal practice”

“Regardless of whether it is a church, or not, or a non-profit or for-profit corporation, requiring employees to repay any wages to an employer is an illegal practice“said Eric Nusser, one of Kellogg’s attorneys.

The lawsuit includes conversations between Kellogg and employees that mention the need for her to tithe, as well as a rebuke from her supervisor “expectation that you catch up with our company’s tithing policy”. The lawsuit says the reprimand came after she stopped tithing because she had financial difficulties after a car accident in 2020.

Tithing as an “act of worship to God”

In a statement sent by his attorney, and picked up by the Seattle Times, Churchome argued that his employee handbook and statement of faith include tithing and that it is “the act of worship of paying the first 10% of our income to Godgiven in an attitude of faith and in response to what Jesus has already given us.”

“The church said it doesn’t deduct tithing from employees’ paychecks, but asks all employees to live this practice“, says the medium.

Churchome’s economy is supported primarily by members’ tithes and offerings, according to a 2021-2022 financial report. In 2022, the organization generated $35.4 million in total assets.

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