Justin Bieber’s original birthday party: who they were and what gifts he gave them

happy 29

Justin Bieber He has celebrated his 29th birthday and has done so surrounded by all his loved ones. The singer has organized a party in which he has invited his friends and has given them all incredible gifts.

Congratulations Justin Bieber! The Canadian has just turned 29 and has wanted to celebrate it with all his loved ones. Despite the fact that he had been away from social networks for a while, the singer returned to share how his life had been partyin which there was no lack of gifts.

Among the guests were artists of the stature of Billie EilishJaden Smithwith whom he collaborated on the song never say neverThe Kid Leroy, with whom he sings stayor Leon Bridges, who also got up on a small stage to interpret various songs for the birthday boy.

In addition, it also featured Hailey Bieber, the singer’s partner.

Although the interpreter of sorry He behaved with all the attendees, since he gave them sweatshirts in which on the back he put Justin 29. And also a boot-shaped lighter with the phrase ‘I’m so thankful I didn’t end up with what I thought I wanted’.

With this, many have thought that it was a reference to Selena Gomez.

What do you think of these videos? Do you think the gift goes to Selena Gomez?

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