Kamela Leiert-Segura, collaborator with Katy Perry, disappeared in the US

Kamela Leiert-Segura, an artist who collaborated with Katy Perry, has suddenly disappeared in the US.social media

Camela Leiert-Segura48-year-old artist who came to collaboration with singer Katy Perryha suddenly disappeared in the United States. The trail of the translator, originally from Sweden, where her entire family lives, was lost a few weeks ago, on the night of June 30 in Beverly Hills, California. Since then there has been no news.

His friends and his entourage show great despair In order to get answers in search of women, they collect media such as “ABC7”. He Beverly Hills Police Department continues the investigation to find Kamela, whose silver 2010 Ford Fusion has turned up somewhere in the California city.

Great concern about the disappearance Camela Leiert-Segura in Beverly Hills

The artist co-wrote Katy Perry’s Walking on Air. In fact, it appears in the subject’s official records. She has also released her own songs on various platforms (YouTube and Spotify) and has worked as a model. Eat very concerned about this case. In addition, it was also found that Morris, Leiert-Segura cat 19 years.

Camela Leiert-Segurasocial media

Leiert Segura was evicted and for the last few months i’ve been struggling to pay the rent

Woman was recently evicted, as noted by his Beverly Hills landlord. Friends and neighbors say it’s been in recent months struggling to pay rent. In the house one could see unkempt plants on the balcony and a “For Rent” sign.

Kamela Leiert-Segura, artist who collaborated with Kate Perrysocial media

Cecilia Foss, artist’s friend: “I would like to to think that nothing bad happened, but I think so

Her friend, Cecilia Fosstold the media about the current situation: “I would like to think that nothing bad happened, but I think soThe neighbor also claimed that he used to talk to her once a week, but had not seen her for a long time. And another neighbor, Shiva Bagheri, said that she had not seen her car for over a month.

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