Karol G, as Shakira: “I fear marriage more than death”

Carolina Giraldo Navarro (Medellín, 32 years old), better known as Karol G, is going around the world with his music, especially after the collaboration with his colleague and countrywoman Shakirawith ‘TQG’ (I left you big), a piece where they throw the rest in the face of the betrayal of their ex-partners, Anuel AA and Gerard Piqué, respectively, although La Bichota shares more than spite with Shakira.

“I think that I am also more afraid of marriage than of death”agrees in an interview with The country referring to some words that Gerard Piqué’s ex said in a talk to Gabriel García Márquez in 1999.

About his collaboration with the singer, who is among one of the three that the interpreter of ‘Pies descalzos’ has only done with women (Beyoncé in 2006, Rihanna in 2014 and Karol G in 2023), he says that still don’t believe it. “I was wondering for a long time if she would be as talented as this or that.”

“I know that there are people who sing better than me, who dance better than me, who are better performers than me, but the talent that I had I have disciplined too much. I have worked too hard to achieve the things that I have achieved, and when I see them, it is hard for me to know that it is a realitybut I enjoy them, because I know how much it has cost me,” adds the artist, who He says that, if he had not dedicated himself to music, he would have been a “professional motocrosser”.

“I’ve loved it since I was a child,” she says about that frustrated profession. Although she does not close the door: “I don’t see myself in this all my life. Five years, yes, at least, but staying in this would be monotonous.

Your personal situation

The queen of reggaeton has also spoken in the interview about her personal situation, after her heartbreak with the Puerto Rican rapper Anuel AA. “The breakup made me realize that inside I was completely destabilized and my level of dependency. When the relationship ended, I felt that I couldn’t do anything anymore and I spent a lot of time devaluing myself. I believed that all the things that were happening to me in my career I did not deserve them.

“It was horrible. My previous album KG0516was having an incredible success and I did not want to celebrate. I no longer liked what I did, I didn’t like what I saw physically. I was vulnerable and people’s cyber attacks got tougher. Everything affected me too much, ”she explains.

“I got to a point where I didn’t want anything. A love can make you feel the happiest person in the world, but a heartbreak can seriously destroy your life. If one does not have enough internal strength, a heartbreak can confuse you to such an extent that your career, personality, and self-esteem crumble. That happened to me. That is why it means everything to me that other people can heal with my songs, ”she adds about the power of her songs on other women who have suffered something similar.

In addition, about his current situation, he says he feels “happy” and “living a special moment”of which he does not give more details.

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