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In the last days, Carol G. He has been one of the most requested figures, not only for his successful musical career, but also for the premiere of “TQG”the theme that he interprets as a duet with Shakira in which, once again, they send some hints to their ex-partners.

With this, in addition, the Colombian celebrity rule out any kind of reconciliation with Anuel AAhis ex-partner and with whom it was speculated that he had spent his birthday a few weeks ago, rumored to have resolved their differences after The separation of the self-styled “God of the trap” from Yailin La Más Viral.

As it is remembered, after her break with the urban artist, the singer was related to figures such as James Rodriguez or Feid, although in none of the cases was this confirmed. However, this could change due to an oversight of the “the bichota”.

The Colombian singer has been causing a furore with her new album and the song “TQG” (Photo: Karol G / Instagram)


Currently, Carolina Giraldo Navarroreal name of the Colombian singer, is promoting her latest studio album, “tomorrow will be nice”, which includes hits that he released last year such as “provence” and “Gatúbela”, along with others such as “TQG” either “While I heal from the heart”.

Although the new album includes 17 songs, there is one that has attracted attention since its release and it is “your little glasses”, Which would be a statement for Feid, giving strength to a rumor that has been going on for months.

Even the urban artist would have been present at Karol’s celebration party, two days after the album was released, giving even more impetus to speculation.

To this is added that a few days ago, the singer shared a live broadcast in which she celebrated the release of her album and performed several of her songs, including “Tus gafitas”, for which she asked her team what light she would put on. in his room to create an atmosphere for the song, to which they did not hesitate to shout “Verde”.

As you remember, one of Ferxxo’s characteristics, in addition to wearing sunglasses, is the color green, one that he reflects on his albums and concerts.

Immediately, “La Bichota” changed the color for another. “Blue, let’s go blue,” she indicated with a serious tone, before moving on to some nervous giggles.


The song with which the Colombian singer has been related to Feid was, according to the artist, produced by Finneas Baird O’Connellthe brother and producer of Billie Eilish, reviewing the story of how they met and carried out this single.

It turns out that when we did this collaboration, I told him that I wanted to find an incredible song in which I could call him, I could invite him to a special song. And when I had one that was amazing, I called him. He did the production”, he indicated regarding his alliance with O’Conell.

So far, and in just 8 days since it was released, the song has accumulated more than 5 million views on the singer’s official YouTube channel.



“Tomorrow will be beautiful”, the new album by Karol G, has a total of 17 songs. It is the fourth record production of the “Bichota”, where she shows her “most intimate” side and in which she has collaborated with various artists, including Shakira.

Although “Tomorrow will be beautiful” has an official tracklist from 1 to 17, Karol G revealed that she made a special order of her songs because when listening to it there is a story behind it. What is that order? Here we show you: MORE DETAILS HERE.

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