Karol G. This is how he sang Selena’s songs at the concert VIDEO Grupo Milenio

Carol J. has a great success in his US tour, Tomorrow will be beautiful to the point that celebrities such as Camila Cabello and Mia Khalifa have bragged about their presence on the Colombian singer’s show.

In addition, during his performances, there were emotional moments, for example: during one of the concerts he played last weekend in Texas, he surprised by interpreting two songs from Selena.

Karol G sings songs of Selena

Before interpreting like a flower And Yes, once Karol expressed fanaticism about the draft Queen of Texas and Mexico.

“Just like you, I have an idol, the difference is that I will not be able to meet her or sing with her… but I can sing for her and for her family who came to me tonight” .

The Colombian stressed that “despite the years, despite the absence, I’m too inspired that he is a man who is present in the hearts of so many people.”

Your family should be proud that the years go by and she continues to be the legend she is to this day,” he added.

So, he turned to those present at his concert: “I want you to sing with me from the heartfrom the heart, so that her family can see that she is here and everywhere, and with me.

After this emotional message, Karol, with a flower in one hand and a microphone in the other, performed Like a flower album theme ANDcome into my world (1992).

Taking advantage of the fans’ excitement about this, the Colombian presented another song by Selena: yes one dayincluded in the album Forbidden love (1994).


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