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In early June, we repeated Katy Perry’s interview for Out magazine, in which The Californian spoke in detail about her plans for the next year: the new album and world tour will be key in the artist’s musical career after almost two years at the PLAY music residency in Las Vegas, where the singer reviewed some of the greatest hits of her entire career virtually every week.

As the final dates of this show approach – and following the announcement of a special vinyl re-release of their first three albums to celebrate their 15th, 13th and 10th anniversaries respectively One of the boys, teenage dream And prism (which managed to finish in a matter of hours) – it seems that the singer is getting more and more ready to release an album again four years after the release smile and six years since he stepped onto the stages of half the world.

Timed to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the launch Roarwho arrived to turn our lives around on August 10, 2013, Katy Perry took advantage of a brief moment during her show to send a clear message to her fans. for the release of his new album.

If you couldn’t love me in the Witness and Smile era, then you can’t love me in my KP6 era.“And that’s what though witness And smile were well received by critics and the public at the time of their release, the truth is that the Californian no longer achieved the success she did with her first three albums, which were genuine beasts in terms of physical and digital sales at the same time. when streaming platforms weren’t part of the music market.

The message seems clear: Katy Perry wants to release an album for her true fans, those who have been through both good and bad times., reunited with them on the stages of various countries he visited during this tour, which at the moment there is no information. Still not knowing the name or release date of the single from this sixth album, we are more than confident that this princess of American pop will be able to offer us the highest quality songs, because that is exactly what she did. over 15 years career years.

And you, Are you ready for the return of Katy Perry?

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