Katy Perry’s abs secret

Beyond her indisputable talent and beauty, if there is something that Katy Perry can brag about, it’s his incredible abs. A part of her body that she recently boasted of on her social networks and left more than one speechless. If you want to know her secret to look this way, you are in the right place.

As we already mentioned, Perry recently wore a set made up of two metallic silver pieces -an asymmetrical crop top and a skirt with an animal print coat-. But not only does he see a strong and toned core, but it is also possible to perfectly detail how the line of the oblique abdominals is marked.

This area of ​​the body is not only made up of the typical abdominals that we usually know, there are also some muscle groups on the sides of your abdominal center. To notice definition in this area and avoid the formation of rolls that bother many, you have to focus on working specifically on the obliques.

We must emphasize that, although we know the trick of the interpreter of ‘Roar’, that does not mean that you will get your abs quickly, since the process requires a lot of patience and discipline, but basically you have to focus on two points: reaching a caloric deficit and do a workout focused on marking those abs.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s secret to an enviable abdomen

In order to obtain an abdomen like the one possessed by the fiancée of Orlando Bloomyou must carry out three fundamental exercises, as indicated by Women’s Health on its website.

1. Hip Dips: In this workout you just have to get into a plank position and turn your torso to the sides without touching the ground, concentrating all your effort on your abdomen.

2. Mountain climbers or climbers: To perform this exercise you have to position yourself in fours on the mat and put your feet on the ground with your hands supported. Subsequently, you must make the movement thinking that you are climbing a mountain.

3. Static abdominal: Finally, there is the static abdominal that consists of placing yourself face up on a mat, raising your arms and legs and making alternate movements with them while keeping your core strong.

Katy Perry

What is a caloric deficit?

To complement these exercises and obtain faster results as we mentioned before, a caloric deficit is necessary. This consists of eating fewer calories than the body needs to maintain its weight, between 300 and 500 fewer calories. Eating like this is the way to lose weight sustainably.

It’s important to know that being in a calorie deficit is the only way to lose weight no matter what eating protocol you choose—whether it’s a keto, vegan, standard, or paleo diet. It all comes down to intake versus output when your body determines if it needs to turn to adipose (fat) body tissue for fuel, as the aforementioned outlet explains.

If this process is not carried out, when looking for energy, our body will always use those “extra” calories that we have ingested during the day every hour. So it will never resort to our fat, which is precisely what we want.

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