Katy Perry’s heartbreaking tears when meeting a survivor of a school shooting

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Katy Perry had the opportunity to meet in the musical contest American Idol, in which she is a juror, to a young survivor of a school shooting. The singer collapsed before her story and dedicated some precious words to her.

Katy Perry She has always shown that she is an artist who is very close to her fans and followers, however, none of them expected what happened recently during the broadcast of American Idola contest musical in which she is among the jury.

It all started when Trey Louis, a young man from TexasHe got up on stage and sang stones of Whiskey Myers, which meant that both the jury and the public stood up to applaud him.

After this, he started talking and confessed that he was a survivor of a school shooting that had taken place in 2018 at the Santa Fe Institute and that killed 10 people.

“In May 2018 an armed man entered the school. I was in Art Room 1 and he showed up in Room 2… and before I got to room 1 i lost a lot of friends. Eight students were killed. Two teachers were killed. And Santa Fe has had a bad reputation since this happened,” said the very excited applicant.

Katy Perry’s reflection on school shootings

Within seconds, Katy Perry collapsed and She started to cry. When she could calm down, she spent a few minutes with Trey and did a lovely reflection on guns and the harshness of school shootings.

“Our country has fucking failed us. This is not right. You should be singing here because you love the music, not because you had to go through that fucking shit. You don’t have to lose eight friends. I hope you remind people that we have to change, because you know what, I’m scared too,” the singer exclaimed.

With this gesture, Katy Perry has shown that she is not afraid to show her emotions in front of the cameras, as well as giving her most sincere opinion about weapons and shootings.

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