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Katy Perry is immersed in a concert series that is playing in the newest theater in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Strip, where he is doing a residency with 15 dates for his fans to enjoy his music. She already has a few and now they will run from March 3 to April 15, 2023, showing that she is still at the foot of the canyon with her music. Project that combines with his jury role on the show ‘American Idol’where he is giving away great moments.

The last one, at the gala this Sunday, in which he has shown a hitherto unknown face beyond that of an artist. We have been able to get to know her more as a person and He has brought his feelings to the surface, without being able to avoid it, after listening to the testimony of this 21-year-old who witnessed a shooting at his own school in which several of her friends died, something that has marked her forever and left the artist almost speechless.

Katy Perry breaks down in tears with this harsh testimony

This boy named Trey Louis got the applause from all the members of the jury, including Katy Perry, after his performance on ‘Idol Kids’. What no one expected was to hear the testimony of the story that was hidden behind that apparently so happy young man. “I am from Santa Fe, Texas, and in May of 2018 an armed man entered the school”, he began by saying, making the hairs of all those present stand on end. “I was in Art room 1 and he showed up in Room 2. Before he got to room 1 I lost a lot of friends. Eight students were killed. Two teachers were murdered, ”she recounted with great sadness. “And this has been really negative, Santa Fe has had a bad reputation since this happened in 2018,” she added, making Perry cry and yell in rage.

“Our country has failed us, f*ck. This is not right,” the singer said tearfully. “You should be singing here because you love the music, not because you’ve had to go through that shit. You don’t have to lose eight friends.” . I hope you remind people that we have to change. Because you know what? I am also scared. and we have to change. And I hope you can achieve it, ”Katy added, still very shocked and unable to stop crying after hearing her words. A moment that has gone viral on social networks and has left a very valuable message to the entire world thanks to this brave young man who wanted to tell it on television in front of millions of viewers.

Katy Perry’s future plans

I want to be a po star grannyp. You don’t see many grandmas or grandpas in my field, but I’m going to be one of them. I want to do it for my daughter, for my family, my partner. A lot of people don’t get away with our two businesses. So it’s about use that pain and turn it into something profound”, said Katy Perry in a recent interview, making it clear that there is a lot of Katy left for a while.

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