Keanu Reeves, respected by peers and the public, a role model in Hollywood

Of all the adjectives attributable to Keanu Reeves there is one that could define you completely, kind. The star Canadian born in Beirut and with Sino-Hawaiian origins, lives stuck to reality shows his support for people who suffer, when he walks and someone approaches him, he engages nice conversations And if a young journalism student or one with little experience meets him to ask for an interview, he doesn’t have qualms about speaking during hours.

The next March 24 opens in our country the fourth adventure of john wick. On this occasion, among its protagonists is the Spanish actress Natalia Tena (38), in addition to Laurence Fisburne (61) and ian mcshane (80), among others. At 58 years old and 186 cm tall, the actor is in top form and splendor that he also shows on the red carpets with his partner, visual artist Alexandra Grant (48), whom he met in 2009, they published several books and made their relationship official in 2019 naturally. No one knew of this engagement until they appeared at a public event holding hands because Keanu firmly preserves his privacy to the point of not having social networks.

The actor and his current partner, Alexandra Grant. GTRES

In this way he left behind an intense loving past with the director Brenda Davis and the actresses Sandra Bullock (58), Claire Forlani (51), Amanda de Cadenet (fifty), Jill Schoelen (59), china chow (48) and J.Jennifer Syme, whom she met as David Lynch’s personal assistant. The young woman was the only one who was going to become the father in 1999 of a girl named Ava Archer, but eight months into her pregnancy there were a series of complications that They caused the baby to be born dead. sixteen months later, jennifer passed away in a car accident.

The heroism for how he has faced the different tragedies of his life, among which also stand out the abandonment of his father being a kid, the struggle of his sister against leukemia and the death of his best friend River Phoenix from drugs have made Keanu a model to follow.

Reeves is passionate about motorcycles. GTRES

He has behaved with his companions on the set like a gentleman On one of the birthdays of drew Barrymore (47) took her for a walk motorcycle ride -he is passionate about racing-, Sandra Bullock was invited to champagne and truffles because I had never tried them, refused to insult Winona Ryder (51) during the filming of dracula and to the makeup and special effects department he gave a large amount of money because he considered they were not well paid.

With a fortune of 380 million dollars, according to the Celebrity Net Worth portal, the actor has been involved in countless charitable causes, especially related to cancer. Her generosity is legendary. It has been said that he donated a large percentage of the profits from him in the trilogy of matrix estimated at about 125 million dollars to cancer research. Not in vain Keanu -name of an ancestor named Keaweaheulu- means in Hawaiian the gentle breeze that rises.

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