Kendall and Kylie Jenner love Spanish fashion (and we have all the proof)

The Jenners usually have their own top fashion brands, but their stylists sometimes turn their wardrobes upside down and prefer to give their looks a “made in Spain” touch. maybe it was Rosalia, Kylie Jenner’s friend who gave the beauty businesswoman Spanish fashion tips? How Kendall Discovered jewelry brand Valencia, which is loved by those who really understand the trends? We set to work to find out.

The power of emerging Spanish fashion

Recently Kylie Jenner She uploaded a sensual snap that revolutionized her followers, posing in a sheer recycled fabric dress with a cutout at the bottom of the back from Sony’s Fall/Winter 2023/2024 Carrasco collection, a designer who started her career at Alexander McQueen. Later he worked in celine, with Phoebe Philo. “After this experience, I decided to fulfill my dream of having my own brand where I could express myself the way I wanted to. The beginning was difficult, I tested a bit what I wanted to be, tried things and learned. But from the very beginning, a pandemic broke out, so our first two years were a bit in quotation marks,” he explains.

“The case of Kylie Jenner It happened through her stylist. He found our brand and asked us for clothes, without saying what and for whom they were intended. But by name, you already more or less know who she works with, so do not hesitate to agree … Since then, I have been more constantly communicating with her stylist, working on new things. We didn’t notice anything special about the design, but I was told that Kylie really liked it and, above all, the message from Sonia Carrasco,” explains the designer, who was surprised to see that Jenner chose her. dress to pose in an advertising campaign for her cosmetics.

“I was very excited to see her on her website with our dress. He also uploaded several posts to his networks and we already know the impact Kylie Jenner is having. Nobody warned us, so we kind of stumbled upon it. In fact, I had just taken off in a plane when I saw this and lost contact, so it was very peculiar,” adds Carrasco.

jenner spanish fashion

Kendall Jenner wearing a Simuero ring.

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Kylie’s older sister, Kendall, has been photographed several times in shimuro brand, a name that arose from a conversation in which the founders of the firm talked about what they would like to invest their time in, knowing that life is so short. Jorge Ros and Rocío Gallardo, founders of the brand, explain to COSMOPOLITAN that their stylist contacts them directly. “The relationship with them is close and we continue to make sure they are up to date with everything we receive,” they explain. They clarify that they do not notice a special impact on sales when wearing their models. “For us, they are milestones and because of what it means that a person who has access to almost any product in the world makes a decision about ours, but this does not affect sales so much,” they clarify.

Instagram, like many other brands starting out on networks, was their window to the world. “It closed the economic gap between those who had an interesting creative proposal, but without a last name (as in our case), and those who bring the entire structure from home. Your resources largely determine your project, or at least the rate at which it grows, but in this case it has allowed us to go out into the world without financial backing. Your audience doesn’t have to be where you live. In our case, our first clients were from Denmark, and now the United States is very important to us,” they explain.

For her part, Sonia Carrasco comments on why celebrities are increasingly betting on new firms, outside the normal circuit. “After all, in such a global world and with the explosion of fashion in modern culture, people want to stand out and not wear the same as everyone else. The idea of ​​a “discoverer” carries weight again. For this reason, celebrities are trying to find more unknown brands that match their aesthetic and bet on us first,” says the designer, who has dressed figures like Bad Gyal.

an ode to sustainability

Both brands are the same in their calling stable. Sonia Carrasco aims to drive and guide global development towards industry responsible fashion and environmentally friendly, so when creating timeless collections, they invest in quality, not quantity. “For us, design and responsibility go hand in hand. We have a modern vision of the modern world,” he explains. “Today it has become a label, but for us, sustainability depends on local or domestic production. The production chain is responsible for the gap between designers and manufacturers, cutting costs for exorbitant economic benefits by making your product thousands of miles away. For us, sustainability must encompass several factors such as the rights of workers, the use of recycled materials, support for local businesses, transparency and respect for every process. Sustainability is the result of doing everything well,” explain Jorge Ros and Rocío Gallardo.

Fans of “Made in Spain”

While Kendall loves Simuero designs, Kylie is betting on the Galician brand’s rings. Hardhandmade jewelry brand created by Carla Barral and Javier Gonzalez.

It was on her TikTok profile that she showed off her “Pressure” ring, handcrafted in sterling silver with pink zirconia. This artisanal and “genderless” jewelry firm is another example of what the Jenners, or at least their stylists, take very seriously. fashion “made in Spain”. While the family’s love for Loewe is well known, we’re happy to hear that they’re sticking with the less popular brands and trying to ditch the up-and-coming brands.

Kendall Jenner not only trusts John Vidal but also in Paloma Wool, one of the favorite brands of modern IT girls, which, of course, is present in the wardrobe of Rosalia, as well as in the design of Fatima Minyana, who received the Mercedes Benz Fashion award in 2020. Talent. We even saw the model wearing Célia Valverde sunglasses.

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