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kendall jenner has fallen in love with more than one Internet user on social networks with its waste of sensuality, hundreds of users have confirmed that its content is one of his favorites, which is why he accumulates followers on a daily basis.

With 27 years, Kendall has been part of haute couture modeling for prestigious brands, either wearing their clothes in photo shoots or on the catwalk.

On the other hand, rumors about a possible romance between the supermodel and Bad Bunny are gaining more strength on social networks. And it is that on different occasions they have been photographed together.

In fact, the famous Mhoni Seerrecognized for predicting some of the events that will happen in the future, revealed details of what could happen between the famous couple. It is worth mentioning that her romance is not confirmed yet.

The psychic predicted that this affair could bear fruit and that ‘The bad rabbit’ and the supermodel could have their first child.

“The letter from the madman tells us that they are going out as a couple and a small Bad Bunny is displayed, that is, pregnancy at the door. He had already told them this year Bad Bunny wanted to have a child”, revealed the Cuban.

The truth of all this is that Kendall is one of the most beautiful women, so thousands of users do not rule out the possibility that I know of a beautiful relationship between them.

On the other hand, the supermodel shared some videos on his Instagram account where he left more than one “drooling” with his waste of sensuality.

There he is seen on the bed with a tight jumpsuit that frames his curves as she jumps on the bed.

The comments were not long in coming from users on social networks, “You are a mamacita”, “how I love you”, “what a beautiful couple you make with Benito”, “the most beautiful of all the Kardashians”, “you are my platonic love, queen”, were some of the comments.

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