Kendall Jenner Says You Can Wear The Most Elegant Skirt With Pool Slippers

When Kendall Jenner that is, everything or almost everything is possible. From the weirdest pairings to the ability to turn leggings and a gym top into the perfect look for any occasion,kinds of sports trend enabled–. So, your proposal to unite lingerie skirt with a satin finish with a strapless top and some swimming pool flip flops life was unexpectedly accepted by the majority, which not only did not reject the proposal, but accepted it with enthusiasm.

We have no proof, but we also have no doubt that the image of Kendall likes. Mainly because the result is perfect, and also because, frankly, the idea of ​​pairing such comfortable sandals with any outfit and this job is too appealing to turn down. Yes, pool flip flops have long been more than just pool flip flops. In fact, the fashion industry has insisted a thousand times on renaming them to give them a status they didn’t have in the beginning. influencers They gladly agreed, yes.

However, Kendall’s achievement is to give this accessory a new look. And where there used to be pool slippers that could be elegant, now there are flip flops that really are and therefore deserve to be in this space reserved for the most sophisticated things.

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