Kevin Pedraza dies at age 19 in tragic Grupo Milenio accident

Kevin Pedrazayoung singer and vocalist of the group “Kevin Pedraza and True Passion” died at the age of 19. The death of a young man in connection with the serious injuries he received after the motorcycle he was riding crashed against the truck in the city Chiclayo, Peru.

According to doctors, Kevin was diagnosed with traumatic brain injury severe traumatic brain injury, concomitant trauma, aspiration pneumonia and wrist and tibia fracture, El Comercio reported. According to the media of this country, the young man was driving home at night. after graduation.

Who was Kevin Pedraza?

The singer, barely 19 years old, had a cumbia band called the Sanjuanera. Kevin’s father was the manager of the band Kevin Pedraza & La Auténtica Pasión. Pedraza studied at Technological University of Peru (UTP), from where he came before his death.

Some of the band’s most famous songs “La Carpuela”, “Por un Caminito” and “Tu amor comprare”.

In social networks, Kevin’s subscribers expressed regret about the singer. The former mayor of the city where he lived, Luis Solorzano, tweeted: Goodbye Kevin Pedraza! It hurts when a young Peruvian leaves, able to give more of his talent to our country, a young artist who made Northern Peru vibrate.”.

Meanwhile, his friend Junior Mendoza published a letter deploring the young translator’s death: “Your music and your kindness will remain in our hearts. Your voice will forever remain in our souls, and your good deeds will become a legacy that will inspire many.”.

The truck driver would be drunk

According to the media El Popular in Peru, Singer Kevin Pedraza’s death may have been the result of the negligence of a truck driver he crashed into. According to the singer’s father, truck driver would be drunk when there was a traffic accident that cost Kevin Pedraza’s life.

“He was drunk. This man comes out and climbs with everything on the road, and I think that my son has not had time to react, ”the man shared with the press.


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