Khloé Kardashian curbs criticism of her appearance for facial tumor

Khloe Kardashianwho dedicated an emotional message to her late ex-mother-in-law, recently taught education, diplomacy and, above all, self-respect, when she posted on her Instagram profile a selfies from the gym.

Although for the daughter of Chris Jenner It is not new to be the target of gossip, including those that insinuate that you submit your Photoshop images, this time he decided to respond to his critics.

Khloé, who a few days ago showed photos of her body without filters, through a sexy session captured by Kyle Jennershowed his exercise routine, but a strange object in the lower part of his cheek caught his attention, so that an Instagram user asked, What the hell do you have on your cheek?

The 38-year-old businesswoman did not hesitate to answer emphatically, but with great education and defending her appearance by putting her health first. In this sense, Kardashian commented, “A bandage. I had a tumor removed from my face, but I’m totally fine. Thanks for asking”.

But Khloé went further and, seeing doubtful comments pouring in about her appearance, declared, “I had a tumor removed from my face a few months ago, so I use this to heal myself and prevent my scar from getting worse,” adding, “Everything She is great and wonderfully healthy.”

It was in October 2022 when it emerged that Khloé Kardashian had a facial tumor, when she was photographed with a patch on the lower part of one of her cheeks. At the time, she explained along with a selfies“(It) after noticing a small lump on my face and assuming it was something as small as a pimple.”

Khloé Kardashian with the mark on her face from the operation.The Grosby Group

the ex-partner of tristan thompson he recounted, “I decided to have a biopsy seven months after realizing I wasn’t moving,” adding, “A few days later they told me I needed immediate surgery to remove a tumor from my face.”

Almost half a year after her operation, Khloé continues to take care of herself and proudly shows that she does not have to be ashamed for not looking as beautiful as if she were parading on a red carpet, hence some of her followers they applauded his attitude, commenting things like, “How politically correct”, “I love his character and humility, he ‘killed’ them with kindness”, another pointed out.

As a result of her dermatological problem, Khloé has urged her fans to periodically check her skin to detect any abnormalities and go to medical personnel to confirm or rule out any tumor or sign of skin cancer.

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