Khloé Kardashian is ‘fully’ recovered after removing a tumor from her face

Khloe Kardashian credit: Bang Showbiz

Khloe Kardashian credit: Bang Showbiz

Khloé Kardashian left her Instagram followers very surprised this week by appearing live with a bandage covering part of her face, at cheek level. Questions about it did not take long to follow one another in the comments section, which led the celebrity to remind her most clueless fans that, at the end of last year, she underwent surgery to remove a small tumor that was in the area.

Kim Kardashian’s sister must cover the scar resulting from the operation to prevent it from becoming infected due to sweat. Apart from that detail, her state of health is optimal, as she herself has explained to reassure her fan base. “It’s a bandage. They removed a tumor from my face, but I’m totally fine now. Thanks for asking,” she replied gratefully. “Everything is going well and the wound is healing wonderfully,” she added to settle the matter.

The debate about the appearance of the also businesswoman and the reasons behind it is not new at all. A few months ago, Khloé was forced to offer details about her passing through the operating room as a result of the understandable concern shown by Internet users. It all started with the detection of a small lump that, at first, Khloé did not attach too much importance to. After seven months, the socialite realized that the anomaly persisted and she soon put herself in the hands of her trusted doctors. Two biopsies confirmed that it was a tumor that she had to remove as soon as possible.

“My dermatologists said that what they were seeing was very unusual for someone my age. A few days later I was told that I needed immediate surgery to remove the tumor. I immediately called Dr. Garth Fischer, a dear friend of my family and one of from the best surgeons in Beverly Hills, who I knew would take amazing care of my face,” Khloé explained a few weeks ago.

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