Khloé Kardashian shows how her face is recovering after having a tumor removed

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Through social networks, Khloé Kardashian showed how her face is recovering after having a tumor removed last year. The socialite proudly responded to one of her followers with a brief update on her current state of health.

There is no doubt that 2022 was full of obstacles for Khloé Kardashian, well After learning that Tristan Thompson had fathered a child with another woman, she faced many more challenges.. The socialite went through situations ranging from thaving a second child with the basketball player until the detection of a tumor near his jaw.

Khloé Kardashian shares brief update on the tumor on her face

In October 2022, Khloé Kardashian underwent surgery to remove a tumor on her face. “After noticing a small lump on my face and assuming it was something as small as a pimple, I decided to do a biopsy seven months after realizing it wouldn’t go away. A few days later they told me that I needed to have surgery immediately,” the socialite confessed at the time.

after your operation Khloé Kardashian has shown the significant progress and care she has with her scar so that no trace remains. The Good American creator even uses the bandage her doctors recommended to lessen the appearance of the wound at major events like red carpets.

Now, five months after the operation, Khloé Kardashian has revealed through a selfie that she continues to use said message. “What the hell do you have on your cheek?” Asked one of her followers, while the socialite proudly replied: “A bandage. I had a tumor removed from my face, but now I am completely fine. Thanks for asking”.

However, that was not the only thing that caught the attention of his publication, as Tristan Thompson was also noticed. The basketball player has once again left a like on one of Khloé Kardashian’s posts, after it was rumored that they were trying to come back.

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